This page is just here for the sake of having a page on the web, since I have found myself with some webspace for storing random resources and so that I can practise web writing techniques on other pages.

If you do want to know more about me, I am married to Anne-Georgina, I am a Christian and I am a Briton. Nothing beyond that can be anything like as important, and what is there that can be better in any man?


I am not going to give links to published articles, professional, cultural nor political, nor interviews nor anything on local politics, as this space is just for me as me, not as a persona, but I do have two websites on my working and walking:

There are also links for I have been asked before:

Privacy Statement

Websites open to public participation need a privacy statement; a field in which I advise professionally. This is a private website. Although operating on WordPress, it does not accept log-ins by third parties and so will not receive nor process any personal information. The only logged-in user is me, if with two log-ins for technical reasons.