Many years ago when full of the naïve enthusiasm of youth I filled a few web pages with random jottings, and on occasion added odd bits as came to interest me. I might have removed it all in embarrassment as I moved up in the world, but I found that some of these odd pages, even those I had not thought about for two decades, were suddenly popular, and referred to as resources on other sites across the worldwide web. That being so I could not simply remove such material, but I have put it in the loft, as it were. Therefore, here it is, still, for those still interested.

Welcome then into the deep recesses of my loft.

Things I have in the loft:

  • The Huntingdonshire Society.
  • Englisc leaf: miscellaneous resources on the Old English language, which I have studied.
  • Uniting the Kingdom: including the full, original texts of the Acts of Union in 1707 and in 1800, with links to the principlal texts of the Revolution Settlement of 1688-9 of which the 1707 Union was the ultimate conclusion.
  • Letters and Typography Standards – including a paper considering how to settle a standard for letters and characters accepted by public bodies for registration, in a linguistically complex world.
  • Artificial languages:  the ultimate youthful time-waster, though I like to think it helped my real-world linguistic skills.

Other Things of Interest:

I am the Vice-Chairman of the Association of British Counties and a Trustee of the Historic Counties Trust.

One of my favourite sites was the Regia Anglorum site. Learn more about yourself by going back to the Anglo-Saxon root culture of this land. Peel off the layers of strange Norman manners and modern Londonish prissiness. Find out about how life was lived properly.